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Ryan Adcock
Ryan Adcock

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Forage and Feast Grazing Tables

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When Katie approached me to design a website for her grazing table business, Forage & Feast Platters, I knew it had to be as visually appealing and inviting as her delightful spreads. Our journey to create https://forageandfeastplatters.com/ was a seamless blend of simplicity, efficiency, and creativity.

Understanding Katie’s Vision

First, I sat down with Katie to understand her business ethos and what makes her grazing tables unique. Her passion for fresh, local produce and stunning presentation was infectious!

Designing the Site

With Katie’s vision in mind, I crafted a website layout that was both beautiful and user-friendly. The use of warm, earthy tones and high-quality images of her platters immediately draws visitors in, while the intuitive navigation ensures they find what they’re looking for effortlessly.

Building Functionality

Behind the scenes, I integrated features that make managing bookings and inquiries a breeze for Katie. From an easy-to-use contact form to a gallery integrated with her amazing Instgram channel showcasing her latest creations, every element was designed to enhance user experience and streamline Katie’s workflow.

Launching and Feedback

Launching the website was just the beginning. I stayed close to Katie, gathering feedback and making tweaks to ensure the site not only looked good but also performed well.

The Result

The website has become a central part of Katie’s business, attracting a steady stream of clients and compliments. It’s a digital storefront that not only showcases her talent but also brings her culinary art directly to her audience’s tables.

In the end, it was more than just building a website; it was about bringing Katie’s passion for grazing tables to life online, and I’m thrilled to see the business it’s generating for her!

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